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Top Tools of 2016: #5


Top Tools of 2016: #5

gasanalyzerMy #5 pick comes from ProStaffer Andy Mickelson. The E Instruments BTU1500 “All-In-One” flue gas combustion analyzer for hvac residential & commercial boiler and furnace installation & maintenance.

This is a 5-in-1 tool giving you draft & differential pressure measurement, Flue and ambient temp sensing, combustion efficiency, ambient CO monitor and has a built in manometer.

The built-in printer, magnetic holster and full color display (with zoom and backlight) make this thing easy to operate. Power comes from a rechargeable lithium ion battery or an AC adaptor. Internal memory will store up to 2K test results.

PC software  is included with both the BTU1500-1 (gas) & BTU1500-Oil models along with Bluetooth connectivity for android devices. The mobile app allows for easy transfer of info in the field as well as saving info for a later date without requiring access to the analyzer.

Both models are built with pre-calibrated, field replaceable sensors. Sensors are typical electrochemical for O2, CO and H2. Carbon Dioxide readings are calculated. Warranty coverage is 2 years for both the analyzer and sensors.

Info courtesy of e-inst.com

Info courtesy of e-inst.com

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