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Top Tools of 2016: #9


Top Tools of 2016: #9

In the “new to me” category I’ve picked Rothenberger’s RENOL 65008 High-Performance Cutting Oil spray for my number 9 pick. I’ve been using this spray all year in place of an oiler bucket while cutting threads on both black iron and galvanized pipe.

We typically have only a few threads to cut and most of our threading is done for either repairs or quick additions to existing systems. We have yet to invest in a set of press rings for the new M18 Force Logic tool so the old reliable 200 & 300 machines are our go-to’s for threading mobile. This spray is great, in my opinion.

The RENOL spray comes in a 20oz aerosol can. Its a mineral-based oil and provides lubricant and a high level of cooling for the dies and pipe as the threads are cut. Rothenberger claims longer die life and cleaner threads. I can’t say I have found this spray to be anything but a great performer all around. Of course its propelled out of the can so, unlike an oiler, its going to be a little messier but I haven’t found that to be an issue. The amount of space and time it save me is noticeable. No longer lugging around a messy oil bucket and hose is perfect for the amount of cutting we do.



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