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    Gerber Expands Dual Flush Toilet Offerings

    Gerber®, an industry leader in high performing plumbing fixtures, has added a MaP Premium dual flush toilet to its high performing Viper® product line. The Viper Dual Flush Toilet is one of the industry’s top solutions for those looking for meaningful water-saving product options in …

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  • Gerber

    Gerber expands one-piece toilet

    Gerber has announced its newest member to the Wicker Park Suite – a decorative one-piece, elongated toilet with a concealed trapway (Model #21-221). This residential toilet caters to a continually growing trend in toilet design: one-piece configuration.  Plumbing professionals understand the craftsmanship that goes into …

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  • Gerber AvlancheCT 20 832

    Avalanche 2-piece concealed trapway toilet

    Gerber has added a two-piece concealed trapway toilet to its Avalanche family of products. The Avalanche CT Two-Piece Concealed Trapway residential toilet is a WaterSense® certified high efficiency toilet (HET) operating at 1.28 gallons per flush. The Avalanche CT toilet, available in white, is offered …

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  • 878.1749.l AmStd Retrospect Champion PRO Lo

    American Standard Champion PRO Toilet Series

    The high performance, trade exclusive Champion PRO line of toilets from American Standard has been expanded to include two new decorative tank designs that beautifully complement traditional bath decors. The new tank designs include Portsmouth, characterized by historic details reminiscent of Colonial Williamsburg, and Retrospect, …

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  • Gerber LoganSquareDualFlush

    Logan Square dual flush toilet

    The Logan Square dual flush high efficiency, two-piece toilet features two buttons on the top of the tank to dictate the flush rate – one flushing 1.1 gallons per flush (gpf) for liquid and one flushing 1.6 gpf for solid.  This high-efficiency toilet is WaterSense …

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  • Gerber AvalancheHET

    Gerber Avalanche toilet enhancements

    The prestigious Avalanche, often regarded as the industry leader and recently noted as “top rated” in a leading consumer magazine, is being elevated to new heights.  Among the Avalanche enhancements are a new trapway that flushes and cleans the bowl even better than before.  In …

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    Fluidmaster acquires European company

    Fluidmaster, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of toilet tank components and trim announced its acquisition of the Kolektor Liv based in Postojna, Slovenia.  Kolektor Liv has been one of a leading European provider of sanitary ware products, including in-wall and concealed cisterns, under the LIV® …

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