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  • 14 0814 ComfortFlow

    Navien NPE-A series with ComfortFlow®

    Navien’s NPE-A series innovative ComfortFlow® technology incorporates a built-in buffer tank and recirculation pump inside the unit to provide a zero GPM activation rate. Additionally, with the ComfortFlow buffer tank, the “cold water sandwich”, common in other tankless units, is eliminated.  With a return line, …

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  • General Tools Instruments PREDATOR Thermal Imaging Camera Boiler Room

    Thermal imaging cameras provide value on the jobsite

    In the past, when conducting contractor tool surveys, I’ve seen many different answers to the question, what is your favorite tool? The answers vary, really, from pipe wrench, phone, ruler, brain, calculator, sawzall, jetter and, yes, fellow contractors on the job. But a tool that …

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  • Gen Eye SDN Monitor

    General Pipe Cleaners Gen-Eye SDN®

    Weighing just 10 lbs., the versatile, rugged Gen-Eye SDN® offers all the features of full-size video inspection systems in a compact, lightweight package. Use the docking arm to mount it on a full size reel to trouble-shoot 3” to 10” lines – or on a …

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  • Max Rohr

    Be the Doctor

    Why is it that doctors are admirable professionals?  What doctors do is commit themselves to education and strive to understand the newest tools and techniques.  They use their skills to keep us safe and healthy. Why aren’t heating professionals and plumbers treated like doctors? Some …

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  • Allie Hard Hat

    7 skills of a successful contractor

    There are a few certainties in the trades. Upon entering the trades, my peers instructed me on the three basic principles of trades work: poop flows downward, payday is on Friday and the boss is a jerk. The “boss” is typically the Master Licensed Contractor …

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  • Allie Hard Hat

    5 Myths About the Skilled Trades BUSTED

    There’s a good deal of smack talk about the trades. I’m here to set the story straight and bust some myths about contractors and skilled trades. “The Skilled Trades are for Dummies.” Actually, the trades require a varied skill set. Tradespeople usually possess a keen …

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