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    OSHA to delay silica standard

    WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced a delay in enforcement of the crystalline silica standard that applies to the construction industry to conduct additional outreach and provide educational materials and guidance for employers. The agency has determined that additional guidance is necessary due …

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    PHCC webinar: Surviving an OSHA inspection

    If you have not yet felt the brunt of an OSHA inspection, chances are you will. Inspection efforts are escalating! When OSHA appears, the employer’s initial response will determine its success in avoiding and defending citations. OSHA’s first visit after an accident is the most …

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    My bout w/ CO on the jobsite

    “My head hurts and I feel dizzy.” –That was my response to the job superintendent as he asked me about the water service line I was installing in a new warehouse building just four days ago. If you had been standing there you can imagine …

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