Dain Hansen is vice president of Government Relations, The IAPMO Group. He lends his frequent perspective of Capitol Hill, and the plumbing industry. Here is an edited version of his update February 16, 2018 Administration Update. WaterSense Proposed for Elimination as the President’s Budget Seeks 23% Cut at EPA. The White House is seeking to Read More

Atlanta — With 12 confirmed dead and more than 120 cases of infection due to legionellosis, New York City Council on Thursday adopted legislation that requires adherence to part of ASHRAE’s newly published Legionella standard. (See our related story here: http://mechanical-hub.com//sites/plumbing/2015/08/14/legionella-your-plumbing-systems-silent-killer/) The legislation addresses registration and inspection of cooling towers. It requires owners to create Read More

A recent Legionnaire’s disease outbreak in New York City has led to 86 people infected and 7 deaths, health officials said. After inspection it was determined that the bacteria causing the disease (Legionella) made their way into five cooling towers. Nu Line epoxy barrier coating technology (pictured above), is a solution for pipe systems that Read More

Wichita, Kan. — Viega is extending its free training course on reducing the risk of microbial growth in commercial plumbing systems in five locations throughout the U.S. The training course is part of Viega’s water quality campaign, a domestic and global initiative aimed at educating the industry and providing system solutions to help maintain water Read More

Kemper has Developed an Innovative Solution for Minimizing Legionella Bacteria in Building Water Systems By: Ron George, CPD, President, Plumb-Tech Design & Consulting Services LLC, www.Plumb-TechLLC.com There is a relatively new product on the market that is being sold by Kemper Industries.  It allows a plumbing system design that flows or circulates cold and hot Read More