Jay Egg

I often think of a hydronic systems as a living and breathing thing, like a human body.  The hydronic system carries BTUs to the extremities of the building, like a body’s circulatory system, and the circulator pumps are the heart. We have been told that the heart is the strongest muscle in the body, using Read More

I don’t like to admit it, but I’m becoming an “old-timer” in the geothermal HVAC industry.  Regardless, I have made a commitment to continue to look for better ways to do things.  If you need a quick review of geothermal heating and cooling, this article is a quick and fun read from Mechanical Hub; it Read More

It has been repeated time and again that churches drive many worthy and valuable efforts, and when they get behind something, people listen.  I wrote about a church in Tampa that has had geothermal HVAC since 1949, and had their first equipment upgrade in 2013 while still operating on the original geothermal wells. The Catholic Read More

A 100-ton cooling tower uses 14,400 gallons of fresh water per day. That’s a small cooling tower, and that’s a lot of water. A 15,000-ton chiller plant (about the size used to cool a major airport) will use a couple million gallons of fresh water on a hot summer day just for cooling operations. People Read More

With natural gas prices reaching an all-time low last year ($2.75 per million BTU [MMBtu]), use has flourished as many have made the switch to natural gas heating. Other heating technologies that used to be cost competitive against natural gas have become less attractive. But history has shown us that we should not be fooled Read More