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    Expanded Cordless Portfolio of Solutions and Services–Hilti Transitions to 22 Volt Battery

    Hilti has released an expanded cordless portfolio of solutions and services, complete with an innovative, backwards compatible 22V battery — an industry first. The Hilti 22V battery will work with new and previous generations of Hilti 18V Li-Ion cordless tools, providing a seamless transition for existing Hilti …

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    Hilti ranked 4th in ’50 Best Cos. to Sell For’

    Plano, Texas — The corporate research team at Selling Power has identified Hilti as one of the best companies to sell for. Hilti finished fourth in the magazine’s annual “50 Best Companies to Sell For,” a comparison and evaluation of the top sales forces in …

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    Hilti celebrates grand openings

    Plano, Texas — Hilti is proud to be calling Texas home for more than 250 team members.  To celebrate, Hilti held grand openings at their Hilti Western Hemisphere Product Development and Tool Service Center and North America Corporate Headquarters on Thursday, June 18. The morning …

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  • Hilti

    Hilti Green line laser PM 2-LG

    The new Hilti Self-leveling line laser PM 2-LG features green beam technology, which offers up to four times higher visibility compared to a standard red beam for great working range. The PM 2-LG features two green laser lines to perform a multitude of applications with …

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  • Hilti FS ONE Application

    Hilti Intumescent firestop sealant FS-ONE MAX

    The new Hilti Intumescent firestop sealant FS-ONE MAX is an improved version of the popular Firestop sealant FS-ONE.  It still includes the reliable features of the FS-ONE but now provides for better handling and longer shelf life. This new W-rated, multi-purpose formulation means this highly …

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  • Hilti PD I Appl

    Hilti Laser range meters PD-I and PD-E

    The new Hilti Laser range meters PD-I and PD-E offer the latest in measuring technology, enabling reliable measuring performance.  Whether measuring long distances, calculating areas and volumes, or in difficult to reach situations, the PD-I and PD-E take measurements quickly and accurately.  Hilti Pulse Power …

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  • Hilti HDI Anchor

    Hilti HDI+/HDI-L and HDV Drop in Anchors

    The new Hilti HDI+/HDI-L+ Drop-In Anchors are taking productivity to the next level.   These FM and UL approved drop-in anchors (3/8” and 1/2”) provide outstanding performance for applications such as anchoring sprinkler, HVAC, plumbing, electrical elements and suspended interior finishing elements. HDI+/HDI-L+ Drop-In Anchors The …

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    Hilti Firestop silicone joint spray

    The fast curing properties of the new Hilti Firestop silicone joint spray CFS-SP SIL allow contractors to reduce delays caused by weather, while improving their productivity and reducing the risk of water damage.  Testing in accordance with ASTM D6904 (modified) demonstrates rain and wash out …

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  • Total Station Software 1

    Hilti POS 180 and POS 150 Robotic Total Station software

    Hilti has enhanced the software functionality of their POS 180 and POS 150 Robotic Total Stations by focusing on an easy to use interface which provides users the ability to import CAD information directly into the POC 100 controller.    This new software helps save time …

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  • Hilti Tools On Demand Photo 1

    Hilti On Demand Service

    Hilti’s new Tools On Demand Service allows customers to access Hilti tools for a time period of 3 to 24 months to match seasonal and project-specific needs.  With Hilti Tools On Demand your business will benefit from having high performance Hilti tools when, and only …

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