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Taco World, Free Live Webinar set for November 15

Taco World

Taco World, Free Live Webinar set for November 15

You're invited to join Taco for the biggest online event of this year's heating season.

In this fast-pace hour, you'll learn about:

    The American Hydronics Revolution – what's it all about? How will it change the way you install systems?
    The difference between truly “smart” smart pumps and “not-so-smart” smart pumps
    The truth about electrical savings with ECM pumps
    An amazingly simple little device that can cut fuel bills up to 15%
    The smartest was to deliver hot water instantly

TacoWorld 2012 will be held on: Thursday, November 15th at 10:00 AM EST and again at 4:30 PM EST

Click here to register

Each TacoWorld 2012 session will be followed with a live chat session with Taco's John Barba and Dave Holdorf to answer all your questions!

This is THE event of the 2012 Heating Season – reserve your spot today

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