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Study: Americans lack knowledge of utilities


Study: Americans lack knowledge of utilities

vcsPRAsset_517924_111826_3e95eab9-df97-4a27-831b-cd907cdcea85_0Half of Americans surveyed (49%) believe they will never be affected by a water shortage, according to a new study from Grundfos. Professionals, however, feel differently; with 40 out of 50 water utility managers expecting to face a water shortage within the next 10 years.

The new consumer survey illustrates the disconnect between the realities facing water utility companies and consumer perceptions of these issues.

To bridge this divide, Grundfos recently introduced its Who Runs the Water That Runs America initiative, created to help water and wastewater utilities raise public awareness of the many challenges facing the water sector.

The aging infrastructure of America’s water and wastewater systems is another very real issue. Most of America’s pipes, sewers, pumps and other water-related components date back to the 1940s or earlier. Americans understand the importance of this system in their lives, with 54% of survey respondents ranking water supply and sewage systems in the top 3 most important public infrastructures, after schools and hospitals that were ranked first and second.

For details on the consumer survey, visit http://grundfos.media-resources-ordp.com/2017/water-scarcity-survey.shtml

The full survey report, as well as 16-state-specific survey findings may be downloaded here http://us.grundfos.com/whorunsthewater/download-report.html

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