Watts Radiant’s R-flex Pre-insulated PEX Piping System


Watts RadiantWatts Radiant’s R-flex is a pre-insulated, flexible, energy-saving PEX piping system with a durable, waterproof outer cover. It provides cost-effective distribution for heating, cooling, and snow melting applications in schools, universities, resorts, housing developments, and other residential facilities.

R-flex consists of a long-lasting PEX carrier pipe or pipes surrounded by thick insulation layers, all contained in a unique double-wall outer casing for maximum protection. The use of the polyethylene foam insulation and the double-wall outer shell makes R-flex very flexible. Its flexibility, combined with its light weight, make R-flex far easier to install than rigid piping systems.

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2 thoughts on “Watts Radiant’s R-flex Pre-insulated PEX Piping System

  1. I’m looking for an insulated flex pipe preferably with a smooth outside (for cleaning purpose) big enough to insert a 1.5″ flex line and .750″ flex line through it. The smaller line will carry chilled water and the larger line will carry our product. I would appreciate any recommendations.

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