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Ruskin extends limited warranty on all products


Ruskin extends limited warranty on all products

Grandview, Mo. — Ruskin announced the extension of its limited warranty program from one year to five years from the date of delivery. Effective Feb. 1, 2017, the new warranty terms apply to all Ruskin products and are intended to inspire confidence in the Ruskin brand.

“We are excited to offer this improved level of coverage to our customers,” said Mark Saunders, director of sales and marketing at Ruskin. “The move from one to five years demonstrates our commitment to quality and should reinforce and bolster the confidence our customers already have in the performance of our products. Additionally, engineers will find it easier to specify Ruskin products, especially when they are able to offer their customers this extended coverage.”

For additional information about the Ruskin sales policy and warranty program, please visit http://www.ruskin.com/WebsiteNavigation/FooterNav/SalesPolicy. For more information about Ruskin, visit www.ruskin.com.

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