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Residential hydronics training with John Barba


Residential hydronics training with John Barba

You won’t want to miss Taco’s most popular and requested course, “Residential Hydronics: Advanced Soup to Variable Speed Nuts,” taught by John Barba.  There are still a few seats available, so get the info here.

This is an intensive, hands-on, two-day course where you’ll receive a real-world look at modern residential hydronic systems, and learn common sense solutions to the challenges you face every day in the field.

The course bypasses theory and the usual “what’s in the box” training to immerse installers in practical applications in the mechanical room and — of course — what actually happens when you install “what’s in the box.”

Seats fill up fast. Sign up here!

▪    September 21-22
▪    October 19-20

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  1. Rocky Pavey
    Rocky Pavey09-21-2017

    Best in the business!

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