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Fastrack Back White


fastrack_back_whiteRanger Design, the source for innovative van racks, van shelving and storage equipment, announced their latest advancement, the Ranger FAST-RACK, a revolutionary drop-down ladder rack for cargo vans. This new patent-pending product and all of its features will be unveiled March 5-7 at the North American Work Truck Show in Indianapolis. Ranger FAST-RACK changes the game on how old drop-down ladder systems have been utilized with its single-motion operation that protects the operator and the vehicle.

• Lowers up to 50 inches in one single motion with the operator out of the path of the descending ladder.
• Was subjected to harsh testing (5-year life cycle tests, 108 degree thermo cycling and freezing rain tests) and passed with flying colors. It was also field tested for real-life feedback from tradesmen.
• The standout feature of its patent pending design is the ease of operation. No secondary motion is required to lower the rack. Its gas shock assisted descent makes operation a quick and easy task.


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