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PHCC offers webinar on healthcare reform


PHCC offers webinar on healthcare reform

Healthcare Reform- How Will Your Business Be Affected in 2014 and Beyond

Wednesday, Dec. 11 , 2013
3-4pm ET

Speaker: Jamie Hasty, SESCO Management Consultants

As employers and the American public evaluate the effects of healthcare reform on their businesses and families, SESCO has analyzed what these changes mean and how they may affect the world of employee benefits beyond medical coverage. Healthcare reform has significantly changed the shape of the discussion surrounding employee benefits. Employers now want to know what kinds of changes are needed to comply and when these changes must be made. Additionally, employers are seeking advice on what they should and shouldn’t do in terms of healthcare and employee benefit packages and offerings.

This informative Healthcare Reform session presented by SESCO Management Consultants will provide an overview of the responsibilities placed on employers, the penalties associated with non-compliance, and the significant impact on strategic decisions facing employers of all sizes on the nature of their group health plans. SESCO will also discuss practical tips aimed at assisting employers meet their obligations under this enacted legislation.

Presenter: Jamie Hasty, Vice President with SESCO Management Consultants

To register: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/736502402

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