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MSCA Webinar: The TEAM leader


MSCA Webinar: The TEAM leader

You might remember what it was like to play the game “follow the leader.” Everyone behind the leader had to mimic him or her, and any player who failed to do so was ousted from the game. But, this kind of scenario only works if you’re playing for fun. In the business environment, you’re playing for keeps.

In the second session of the six-part webinar series, “The TEAM Thing,” acclaimed MSCA presenter Steve Thomas will teach you what it means to be a “follow-able” leader. During this webinar titled “The TEAM Leader,” he will discuss the four qualities that others look for when deciding if they will follow someone’s leadership. He will also introduce practical applications you can implement to ensure that you are that “follow-able” leader.

Presented by: Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA)

It’s not too late to sign-up, so register today. Contact Barbara Dolim at bdolim@mcaa.org with any questions.

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