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Milwaukee Tool 12pc Ratchet and Socket Set

48 22 9001 480px

Milwaukee Tool 12pc Ratchet and Socket Set

Delivering ultimate versatility and access, the new 12pc Ratchet and Socket Set features a ratchet with pivoting head that can be used as a ratchet, nut driver, and any angle in between. New proprietary sockets feature a parallel flat design for wrench compatibility and to deter rolling, as well as an optimized geometry to reduce stripping and breaking. Because socket sizes can often be hard to see on chrome and can fade more quickly when laser etched, socket sizes are hard-stamped into 2 flats of the socket for readability from multiple angles.

48-22-9001_480pxFor more information visit https://www.milwaukeetool.com/hand-tools/fastening/48-22-9000

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