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Micro-USB Charger & Power Source

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Micro-USB Charger & Power Source

Milwaukee M12 Compact Charger and Power Source gives users the ability to charge M12 Batteries through Micro-USB, and provides portable power to charge electronic devices. Using the included 3ft Micro-USB cable, the Compact Charger makes it easier to use and recharge M12 Batteries for a wide range of products on and off the jobsite. When combined with any M12 pack, the fast-charging 2.1A USB output works as a portable power source for phones, tablets, and other electronics.

The M12 Compact Charger and Power Source can also be used to power all models of Milwaukee M12 Heated Gear.

Model Number: 48-59-1201
Availability: September 2017
MSRP: $49.97
*3ft Micro-USB Cable and 2.1A Wall Charger available separately (48-59-1202)


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