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Media Kit

About Mechanical Hub

Industry veterans John Mesenbrink, Eric Aune and Tim Ward bring today’s busy contractor a one-stop site of information to help them perform their jobs more efficiently. This one-of-its- kind website and digital tools are the ultimate online plumbing, heating and mechanical resource in the industry.

Independently operated, Mechanical Hub will highlight the latest industry news, full-length, originally-written features, videos, new products and tools, weekly guest blogs and contractor resources such as manuals, rep directories, product spec guides, product reviews, and much more!

The Hub also features the best in social media engagement on your favorite channels such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others. Our up-to-the-minute industry updates provide the best of exactly what the name implies, “The Hub”. It’s a cornucopia of unique and original information for contractors and a great place to connect with manufacturers, reps, associations, and the other professionals in the industry.

Why Advertise?

We have identified a growing trend that more contractors are using the Internet, iPads, tablets, smart phones and mobile apps to help them perform their jobs better, and to find information quickly. With a growing database of nearly 7,500 purchase-making contractors, Mechanical Hub promises to bring timely, exclusive editorial and resources. John Mesenbrink has covered the mechanical, building and construction industry for more than 15 years as editor for various B2B publications. Eric Aune, owner of Aune Plumbing LLC, Minneapolis, has written for numerous industry publications and he is a UA instructor at the local 15 Plumber’s Apprenticeship Program. Tim Ward brings nearly 20 years of publishing, business strategy and marketing experience working with building industry trades.

Mechanical Hub Media Kit

We understand that you have a multitude of choices of where to invest your money, so we work extremely hard to identify growing trends that more contractors are using with the Internet, iPads, tablets, smart phones and mobile apps while on the job, at the office or out in the field. The sharing of timely information is critical. Why wait?

Hear What the Industry Is Saying About Mechanical Hub

“A great service to the industry.”

— Jay Egg, geothermal consultant, writer, and the owner of EggGeothermal.

“Mechanical Hub has proven to be a great place for me to share branding ideas; I’ve had lots of great feedback. Mechanical Hub has great business-building and management content, making it a perfect place to demonstrate thought leadership in the B2B branding space.”

— Rob Dalton, Brad Catalyst, Dalton Sherman

“I really appreciate what you are doing and what you stand for in the industry and personally.”

— John Langan, Langan’s Plumbing & Heating LLC, Howell, N.J.

“Thanks guys for bringing us all the trade-related info. Keep up the good work.”

— James Rolfe, Calgary Hydronics Solutions, Calgary, Alberta

“John, you guys don’t mess around. Neat website — packed with information!”

— Mike Oddo, technical representative, hilmor Tools.

“Thank you for providing interesting market insights, and bringing industry resources together.”

— Taco, Inc.

“I believe what you have done here with mechanical-hub.com is build a platform for contractors created by contractors. I have no doubt that the information shared and to be shared will be a valuable resource to our industry. Contractors and consumers will both reap the rewards. It’s a win-win for all. Congrats!”

— Ron MacKinnon, Vice President, Spectrum Geothermal Heat Pumps, Inc.

“Thank you guys!! The industry needs you, and a place to focus all of our enthusiasm for the mechanical trades. Makes us feel proud to be in this business at a time where technology and social media can connect contractors all over the world.”

— ecuacool Heating and Air Conditioning

“Eric and John are doing some great things with this site. Keep up good work! I try to keep up with Mechanical Hub, Taco, and Heating Help in the evenings as much as I can.”

— Jim Godbout, Godbout Plumbing & Heating, Biddeford, Maine

“When I had the privilege to meet and speak with you and Eric, you guys shared your vision of what Mechanical-Hub would be all about. In just a few short months, I, along with many of our friends in the industry, have had the pleasure of witnessing you guys meet and exceed that vision! Keep up the great work my friends, and thanks for your hard work and efforts.”

— Alan Mercurio, Kosco, Saugerties, N.Y.

“Congrats on a great out-of-the-gate! Looking forward to being “hubbed.”

— Dave Yates, President, F.W. Behler, York, Pa.

“Congratulations to both of you on this new editorial venture. I look forward to reading your perspectives on our industry. Thank you.”

— John O’Reilly, Principal, O’Reilly-DePalma

“Best of luck in your endeavor. I’m looking forward to the exchange of information and best practices.”

— John Carter, senior vice president of business development, Symmons, Braintree, Mass.




For more information on how Mechanical Hub can help you with your digital marketing strategy and editorial planning, contact Tim Ward. He can be reached at 708-334-7891 or via email at tward@mechanical-hub.com.


  1. John Langan
    John Langan01-28-2014

    Eric & John it was a pleasure to finally meet the two of you although too brief at the AHR Expo in the Big Apple…I really appreciate what you are doing at what you stand for in the industry and personally…Please let me know if I can be of any help…Carry on!!!

  2. John M.
    John M.01-28-2014

    John, thanks for the kind words. It was great to meet you at AHR, as well. Next time we are out that way, we need to make more time! We might take you up on your offer to help out down the road. All the best! JM

  3. Eric Aune
    Eric Aune01-30-2014

    John, thanks! It was great to see you and Rich. I hope its a lot sooner than later when we meet up again. -Eric

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