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Mechanical Man Inc. Goshen, Indiana


Mechanical Man Inc. Goshen, Indiana

With the outstanding Engineering of products in todays market we were able to provide our customer with a superior product. Our customer, St Marks Methodist Church, was looking to upgrade their 600,000 Btu boiler set up. With large pumps, 2 gravity air tanks and 2 large 300,000 Btu boilers, we seen this as the perfect opportunity to upgrade there system and bring them into the Energy Efficiency of today’s market and can save them a large amount of money. The existing system had thermostatic controls on the fin tubs through out the church. So we had a system that maintained a set temp all the time (Very Costly).

We purposed Condensing Boilers, Honeywell control system, Caleffi Hydro Separator, and a Indirect Water Heater. With the great engineering of the products we were able to install a system in half of the space of the old system. Caleffi’s great design kept our typical, mostly large, Primary-Secondary loop installation confined to a small section of the room. With ability to keep things tight and clean it reassured our customer that they made the right call to spend the money and get a system to meet there needs.

With the great products and our design of this new system our customer will receive savings over the life of the system and a very nice size rebate from our local utilities.







This project was originally uploaded to the Caleffi Excellence Contest. Click the link to see more job sites like this.

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