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Mechanical Hub Onsite at Bradford White’s iTEC

Screen Shot 2018 01 17 At 3.41.53 PM

Mechanical Hub Onsite at Bradford White’s iTEC

The Mechanical Hub team was recently in Michigan to check out the Bradford White International Technical Excellence Center (iTEC™) training facility. It is an impressive 18,500 sq. ft., LEED Gold Certified complex, located adjacent to the company’s manufacturing facilities in Middleville, MI. It was built with the goal of creating a comfortable, hands-on learning center with cutting-edge technologies and building systems.

For more information visit www.bradfordwhite.com/itec


    HARRY STROHM02-08-2018

    please add me to mail list THANK YOU GOD BLESS!

    • Mechanical Hub Team
      Mechanical Hub Team02-08-2018

      Done, sir. Thanks!

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