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Logan Square dual flush toilet

Gerber LoganSquareDualFlush

Logan Square dual flush toilet

Gerber_LoganSquareDualFlushThe Logan Square dual flush high efficiency, two-piece toilet features two buttons on the top of the tank to dictate the flush rate – one flushing 1.1 gallons per flush (gpf) for liquid and one flushing 1.6 gpf for solid.  This high-efficiency toilet is WaterSense certified for its contributions to water conservation.  With that certification comes recognition for high performance, even at a lower flush volume.

In addition to its flushing flexibility, the dual flush toilet has an elongated rim for comfort and a fully glazed trapway to ensure high performance.

The Logan Square Suite was designed to bring a beautiful, consistent design style to a bathroom – making it easy for industry professionals and homeowners to carry the look throughout the entire room.  In addition to the new dual flush toilet, the Suite offers an undercounter sink, a pedestal sink, a 1.28 gpf toilet configuration and several matching faucet styles available through Gerber’s sister company, Danze (danze.com).

For more information, www.gerberonline.com.

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