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Klein All-purpose Pliers with Crimper

KleinTools AllPurposePliersWithCrimper+J207 8CR Photo

Klein All-purpose Pliers with Crimper

KleinTools_AllPurposePliersWithCrimper+J207-8CR_photoKlein Tools (http://www.kleintools.com) introduces the All-Purpose Pliers with Crimper, a more durable wire stripping tool that also has the functionality of a long-nose pliers and crimper – all in one tool.

The All-Purpose Pliers With Crimper (Cat. No. J207-8CR) features:

• Cuts and strips 10-18 AWG solid and 12-20 AWG stranded wire
• Long nose grabs and loops wire
• Includes shearing holes for 6-32 and 8-32 screws
• Crimps non-insulated connectors, lugs and terminals
• Forged steel for maximum durability
• Induction-hardened cutting knives for long life
• Hot-riveted joint ensures smooth action and no handle wobble
ª Dual-material Journeyman™ handles provide a firm grip and added comfort

“Multi-functional tools, like the All-Purpose Pliers with Crimper, are becoming more popular among electricians,” says product manager David Klein.  “These products save time, save money, and save space on the belt or in the bag, making them more efficient and effective tools.”

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