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ISH Exclusive: Zonzini Domino Automatic Stairclimber

Screen Shot 2017 03 20 At 7.43.01 PM

ISH Exclusive: Zonzini Domino Automatic Stairclimber

This is the Domino Automatic stairclimber by Zonzini. The first tracked stairclimber the Hub’s Eric Aune has personally seen.

The platform measures approximately 37”x22” with the load sitting only 5-1/4” off the ground. Three different models (160, 300 & 400kg) can lift loads of 350lb, 660lb and 881lbs with runtimes of up to 1000 steps on a single charge.

The track rotation allows for 360 degree rotation so spiral staircases are simple to navigate. Tracks are made of silicone and non-marking on fine surfaces like wood floors. Fork attachments are available in place of the flat platform shown.

Sales are handled direct and shipping is available worldwide. Info available at zonzini.us, pricing was not immediately available.

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