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Integrated Hydronic Comfort System

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Integrated Hydronic Comfort System

This project is our second submission to the Caleffi Excellence contest. While we certainly aim for the highest score, we also want to take this opportunity to showcase how our relationships with customers go beyond just the basic functions of a wholesale distributor. Able Distributors Design+Build Sales team lives for the opportunities where our collective knowledge of products and applications can add to the skills of our customers, mechanical contractors, leading to happy owners with every bit of benefit that comes from it. This project has been completed through the collaboration between Able D+B Team and Comfort Temperature Zone, mechanical contracting firm fluent in delivering exceptional comfort to customers by offering modern energy efficient solutions which bridge air, hydronics, as well as renewable energies including geoX systems.
The project is a new construction single family house with nearly 14,000 ft² of conditioned space on three levels. Comfort delivery is based on a hybrid approach involving seven (7) air handling units and multi-zone HRF heating system. Each AHU is equipped with ECM fan, complete with hydronic HW and DX cooling coils. Extents of HRF and air delivery zones are fully aligned and controlled via tekmar tN4 system including touch screen thermostats and BAS gateway. HRF system extends to serve the main garage as well as the bicycle workshop and storage. IAQ is delivered via multiple ERVs and steam humidifiers. Energy required for hydronic heating is provided by a cascade of two (2) ACV Triangle Tube PT series gas fired condensing, modulating boilers. Boiler plant is also responsible for handling DHW production which is based on a tandem of two (2) storage cylinders heated via double-wall construction, vented gap, brazed plate heat exchanger, as required by the local plumbing code.
System flow is distributed using Wilo Stratos ECM pumps including dual pump head Stratos D for the critical delivery of flow to space heating AHUs and DHW sub-system.
An array of Caleffi hydronic components have been essential to both, function as well as quality of performance of the entire system. Among the Caleffi components are: 2 inch hydraulic separator, automatic fill valve, Discal air separators, as well as multiple instances of Z-One zone valves and series 132 balancing valves.




This project was originally uploaded to the Caleffi Excellence Contest. Click the link to see more job sites like this.

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