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ICC rolls out cdp ACCESS


ICC rolls out cdp ACCESS

cdpACCESS — the new, cloud-based tool built exclusively for ICC’s code development process (cdp)—will be ready to use at the end of this week.

1013_8701Once referred to as remote voting, cdpACCESS is much more than that. Beginning Nov. 15, code development process participants will be able to create code change proposals, invite colleagues to collaborate, make proposals viewable to all and submit proposed code changes to the Code Council. Eligible voters will be able to vote online on code changes following the hearings. cdpACCESS allows you to participate in code development from a computer or tablet when you cannot attend in person.

While every effort has been made to ensure cdpACCESS will meet your expectations, similar to a building code, it will be a continuous improvement process. The ultimate goal is to provide a superior way to develop codes and increase participation. Your feedback is important. You can ask questions, submit comments or make suggestions by email to cdpACCESS@iccsafe.org. You can view a webinar and see questions and answers that have been posed by your colleagues.

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