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High efficiency heating — Heritage House, Newburyport, Mass.

Miller Mechanical Newburyport 2

High efficiency heating — Heritage House, Newburyport, Mass.

K. J. Miller Mechanical, Townsend, Mass., has partnered up with its local gas company on multiple projects over the past few years to help companies and homeowners reduce their energy costs by replacing their less efficient system with a high efficiency system. When the opportunity to work with the Heritage House—an affordable rental housing community—came about, K.J. Miller Mechanical jumped at the chance to bring high efficiency heating to this 101-unit housing project.

Miller Mechanical Newburyport 2

“We were able to go in and remove the existing inefficient system fairly easily. We then began to size this installation and came to the conclusion that the heating needs would be best met with the Lochinvar KNIGHT and ARMOR product lines. We also added two Lochinvar 200-gallon storage tanks to increase their hot water storage,” says Kevin Miller, president.

The project was relatively challenge free, except for the venting. “It was a little bit of a challenge to go up five stories with five flues with 14” pipe,” says Miller.

It’s only been a few months since the installation was completed, but the owners have already seen a reduction in costs with the new system. “We expect to see those cost savings increase as the winter months approach,” says Miller.

Date started: 8/12/14

Date Finished: 8/27/14

Size of Project: 101-Unit Housing Project

Workers onsite: 3

Manufacturer/Model Name or Number

Boiler — 3 Lochinvar KNIGHT KBN601’s

Water heater — 2 Lochinvar ARMOR AWN286’s

Pumps — 7 5hp B&G Base Mount

Piping — 4” Victaulic

Hot Water Storage — 2 Lochinvar RJA 200 Gallon Storage Tanks

Separators — 1 4” B&G PSH

Expansion tanks — 2 Hot Water Hydronic

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