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Grundfos heat exchangers

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Grundfos heat exchangers

vcsPRAsset_517924_109551_47022224-326c-4759-bf2d-7ff1110bd5ce_0Grundfos offers a full range of gasketed and brazed heat exchangers that are ideal for commercial HVAC applications.

The versatile and energy efficient gasketed heat exchangers feature a wavelike corrugation for the highest heat transfer rates at the lowest pressure drops. They also feature a glue-free gasket for simple replacement, and a self-centering plate system for a longer lifecycle.

A compact and economic option, brazed heat exchangers are made of individually connected corrugated stainless steel plates for simple assembly. Highly resistant to extreme pressures and temperatures, they are gasket-free and thus maintenance free.

Applications for the USA-made heat exchangers include district cooling, cooling towers, free cooling, ice storage, pressure interceptors and pool heating.

For technical details, see the product page.

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