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Goulds e-HM ss horizontal multistage pump

GWT E HM Horizontal Multi Stage 2 Pumps1

Goulds e-HM ss horizontal multistage pump

Goulds Water Technology® brand e-HM stainless steel series horizontal multistage pump – a water pump for commercial and industrial applications that is up to 30 percent more efficient than most similar pumps on the market. Pumping water in production-oriented applications such as washing, cleaning, food and beverage processing, and large-scale refrigeration, can be energy intensive, impacting both resource use and operational expenses. The e-HM pump also offers a broad hydraulic range, and a variety of configuration options that enables users to customize the pump to meet their specific needs, simultaneously improving performance and reducing carbon dioxide emissions as well as costs.


GWT-e-HM-Horizontal Multi-Stage-2 pumps[1]

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