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Dry pipe sprinkler system components

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Dry pipe sprinkler system components

The Model 5400A is the latest addition to the AGF Manufacturing COLLECTANDRAIN™ product line of dry pipe sprinkler system components. The 5400A goes beyond the prevention features of the Model 5100A and 5200A by providing a temperature controlled environment to prevent costly system failures due to freezing of the condensation collectors along with localized and panel notification of required attention. The easily mounted, lockable steel enclosure is finished in a highly visible red powder coat and includes appropriate signage. Inside the in­sulated and heated cabinet is mounted a traditionally configured condensation collector (drum drip) with a float switch to moni­tor condensation accumulation levels. When condensation rises to the level of needing maintenance the Model 5400A COLLEC­TANDRAIN™ activates an audible alarm and a red LED warning light and can notify the Fire Control Panel. The 5400A features a heater with an integral thermostat that operates only when need­ed, reducing energy use while maintaining a temperature safely above freezing. In addition to its operational features the Model 5400A includes a TEST button to confirm alarm functionality and an externally mounted THERMOMETER that monitors internal enclosure temperatures.

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