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Decades of boiler room experience in book form


Decades of boiler room experience in book form

We’re proud to share with you Ray Wohlfarth’s new book: Lessons Learned: Connecting New Boilers to Old Pipes

Here’s what Hub friend and advisory board member says about Ray’s book:

“When Ray told me he was writing this book I smiled because this guy has more real-world, boiler-room experience than anyone I’ve ever met, and he pulls no punches. These days, everyone wants high-efficiency equipment. It’s become almost a cliché, but what happens when you connect a high-efficiency, gas-fired boiler to an antique piping system? You know the sort we find in so many American buildings. You think you’re going to get what the manufacturer promises? Maybe you will and maybe you won’t, and that’s where Ray comes in. The man has a way with words and his stories and humor keep this book rolling along, from the opening line (which cracked me up) to the intentionally and appropriately end page, which happens to be a boiler-friendly 212. Along the way, Ray covers everything from gas trains to water treatment. The book is loaded with charts and sizing information and it’s a book you’ll use often. Get one!” -Dan Holohan

The book is available on Dan’s site, HeatingHelp.com and Amazon.