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Crown Phantom Boiler

Screen Shot 2014 08 28 At 9.39.11 AM

Crown Phantom Boiler

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 9.39.11 AMCrown Boiler Co. has announced the launch of their latest product the Phantom, a stainless steel, condensing boiler. The Phantom fires at AFUEs up to 94%, and features a water tube heat exchanger. The new boiler will initially be offered in five sizes – 80, 100, 120, 150, and 180 MBH – with 4 more sizes (210, 285, 399 & 500 MBH) set to be available in Fall 2014.

“We’re excited to get the Phantom on the market as we head into heating season,” said Lee Ensminger, National Sales Manager at Crown Boiler. “It’s a great opportunity for both contractors and Crown Boiler to get a more efficient product into the hands of homeowners.”

The Phantom is compactly designed for wall mount installation, and comes with a friendly touch screen user interface. With smart boiler features, including a modulating burner with a 5-to-1 turndown ratio and an intelligent boiler control, the Phantom will recognize a home’s heating needs and adjust to meet the demand. The standard outdoor reset function allows the boiler to adapt proportionately to outdoor temperature changes. “We designed this boiler with intelligence and efficiency front of mind,” commented Crown Boiler’s President, Yale Steingard.

Founded in 1949 as Crown Industries, Crown Boiler Co. has grown into an industry leader offering the latest in hydronic heating technologies. Crown’s product offerings include residential and commercial oil and gas-fired cast iron boilers, stainless steel condensing boilers, indirect water heaters, and warm air oil and gas furnaces. Over the years, Crown Boiler Co. has remained true to its guiding principles of delivering quality products with outstanding customer service at competitive pricing.

For more information visit PhantomBoiler.com or CrownBoiler.com.

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