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Coffey Plumbing & Heating 40K Sq Ft Warehouse


Coffey Plumbing & Heating 40K Sq Ft Warehouse

Description – Coffey Plumbing & Heating is a family owned company from Arthur, Ontario Canada that was approached by Armstrong Trucking, also of Arthur Ontario, to quote the design and installation of the heating system for their new facilities. The proposed 40,000 square foot warehouse would be an insulated steel framed building with 20 foot high ceilings. Owner/Operator of Coffey Plumbing, Len Coffey then requested Hydronic Solutions of Waterloo, Ontario, a Caleffi Distributor, to custom design a heating system for this facility.

The main objective was to provide the owners with a simple single heating zone design that had a high efficiency energy system, with a low cost installation and a low cost operating emphasis.

To achieve this, it was installed as a supply and return system with Aquatherm and Rehau Pex piping laid in concrete. In order to save valuable warehouse space, this design eliminated the need for a manifold above the concrete, no piping to run from a boiler room to a manifold, no multiple pipes in concrete at the manifold and only one circulating pump required for the entire system.

As the building was 150 feet wide, ½” x 300ft pex pipe loops were used setting the lines at one foot apart which provides the most efficient heat in the concrete and no pipe waste. The main supply line started with 4” Aquatherm, dropping to 3” and then to 2” to achieve the required gal/min flow with minimal pressure loss. The return line is the reverse of the supply line.

Each line was attached by drilling a hole into the Aquatherm and fusing a saddle on the pipe eliminating the need for a tee; subsequently reducing cost and labour. Inside the boiler room there were only two 4” Aquatherm pipes that came through the floor and then connected to a 4” Caleffi low loss header with air release valve and a 3” 120 gal/min variable speed Wilo circulating pump to pump water through the pipes.

What made this project unique from previous in-floor systems installed by Coffey Plumbing was the size of the building. Where single homes often have different zones, one boiler and on average 2,000ft of pipe this project required three boilers, over 39,000 ft of pipe while only having one heating zone and would still be cost effective and efficient.

The system designed by Brendon Yadu of Hydronic Solutions met our objectives and the needs of the customer. The install was supervised by Don Weitzel of Hydronic Solutions, with the mechanical expertise of Coffey Plumbing completing the install. The system is running smoothly and working above expectations.

This job site is just one entry to the Caleffi Excellence Contest and can be seen alongside other entries here.





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