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Coffee with Caleffi™: ModCon Boilers


Coffee with Caleffi™: ModCon Boilers

Coffee with Caleffi™, is an online technical training webinar and is intended for contractors, designers and wholesalers.

cwc-rohr-107px_4Join Bob “Hot Rod” Rohr, Caleffi training and education manager, Thursday, Jan. 30 at 12 noon CST (check local time) as he discusses ModCon boiler piping and dives into these topics:

- Not your grandfather’s boiler: what makes ModCon piping unique?
- The top three concerns for piping a ModCon… it’s all about the flow!
- How can ModCons benefit from additional mass or fluid capacity?
- Have you heard about hybrid boiler piping? It could be the ideal method for your installations!

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