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Category Archive for: ‘Guest Blog’

  • PRblog2

    Gas Pressure Testing Always a fine choice

    Anyone seen a recent Sam Adams commercial?   The memorable catch phrase is that Sam Adam’s Beer is, “Always a Fine Choice”. Knowing that we are in lean times, putting ink on the deposit slip at the end of the week is harder and harder to …

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  • Ron G

    How are you venting? PVC Flues Are They Safe?

    A few years ago I was asked to inspect the mechanical systems in some university housing units at a university in the Midwest. The school had hundreds of apartments in numerous buildings that had combination water heater/heating hot water units that provided heating hot water …

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  • Handrahan

    Rising Above Your Competitors

    Geothermal heating and cooling has always been somewhat of a niche market or a specialty if you will.  Why is that?  How come every HVAC or mechanical contractor will install an air-to-air heat pump but not a water-to-air heat pump?  Heck most of us have …

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  • Andy Shilt Blog

    Smart Thermostat Applications

    The Case for Smart Thermostats: Smart Thermostats are getting a lot of attention these days.  Suppliers include Smart Thermostat startup companies, the well-established thermostat manufacturers and now most of the major furnace manufacturers have jumped on board by offering smart thermostats with their high end …

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  • Rob Brown 1

    Are ECM Pumps for Every Installation?

    In residential hydronic systems, circulator technology has been on the march in recent years. Newer ECM circulators are reliably delivering wire-to-water efficiencies double that of the older PSC circulators they aim to replace, and they bring modulation to the table as well, which slashes power …

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  • John Mesenbrink

    Reality vs. Fake Reality

    So my business partner Eric Aune and I work very hard every day to bring you the latest industry news, features, resources, videos, blogs, etc. All things plumbing, heating and mechanical. That’s who were are — a website that is not affiliated with any other …

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  • Eric Aune6

    Contractors Hit The Ice For Food, Fun & Fish

    Product promotion events put on by local wholesale houses are typically held indoors.  Every contractor has attended one and the events usually include a manufacturer’s representative, probably a sales person or two from the wholesaler, product displays and literature.  I recently attended an event far …

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  • Mark Eatherton

    A Message From The RPA

    It has come to my attention that in order for the RPA to remain strong and useful, it needs to bolster its membership.  I know that personally, when I hear Bob Seigel of NPR and all of his staff begging for bucks, it turns me …

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  • John Mesenbrink

    Gone Catfishin’

    When the news first broke regarding the peculiar incidents surrounding All-American linebacker Manti Te’o, I have to admit, I didn’t quite get it at first. With every passing week that goes by, and the more news I hear about it, I gotta admit, I still …

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  • Eric Aune

    Why Should I Attend Tradeshows?

    There are a ton of them.  Tradeshows — some are huge and packed with every plumbing, HVAC & hydronic appliance, tool or related part; others, not so much.  In any event there are many opportunities out there, each promising to be worth your time.   Whether …

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