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Category Archive for: ‘Guest Blog’

  • Joe Crisara

    7 Things That Customers Never Want To Hear

    Uncommon Thoughts — I want you as a service professional to think about some of the situations where you said things to clients when you really weren’t thinking.  Thinking before talking is one of the most uncommon skills that people possess in this new era …

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  • Eric Aune4

    Are You Giving Yourself A Raise This Year?

    The ideal time to reevaluate your current pricing and service packages is January 1st. So, have you done it? Look, I’ve only been in business for a few years. Less than 10, and I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve made plenty of mistakes …

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  • Dan Blog

    Hydronic Hor d'oeuvres

      Why closely spaced tees? Primary-secondary piping systems call for the tees that go off to the secondary circuit to be close together, ideally not more than six inches apart. Think like water and you’ll see why this is. Flow down the primary main and …

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  • Santa

    Merry Christmas to All!

    Christmas is always a wonderful time of year for many. The joy and cheer brought by many to family and friend celebrations is practically contagious. I know I put a smile on every time The Lovely Heather and I open another card out of the …

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  • IMG 20121212 104105 1

    Heating Equipment Troubleshooting Synopsis

    So you have received a “no heat call.“ When you arrive at the clients home what steps does one take to find the problem? Believe it or not the vast majority of no heat calls are usually minor in nature, such as a switch turned …

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  • Eric Aune3

    What about the Phone Book?

    I had an interesting conversation the other day with my mother. Now Denise (mom, to myself) was telling her girlfriend about this or that in regard to the many things I’ve always got on my plate.  She tends to speak highly of her children, no …

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  • Screen Shot 2012 10 31 At 4.27.52 PM

    See You at Solar Thermal ’12

    If you are interested in solar thermal systems and their integration into combi systems, then get thee to Solar Thermal 2012!  There is a lot more to solar thermal systems than just domestic hot water (DHW). Solar Thermal (ST) is ideal for radiant and most …

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  • Eric Aune2

    Cyber Monday, For Contractors?

    For a couple of years now I have been ordering job materials and truck stock for my plumbing and heating business online. One of the country’s largest wholesalers has paved the road for those looking to rid themselves of the city desk time restraints, and …

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  • Danny Blog Size

    Drive traffic your way with video

    I’ve no need to yak on about using emerging media to your firm’s advantage.  You’ve heard it countless times.  And Mechanical-Hub’s own Eric Aune laid it out as plainly as possible here -> Contractor November '09 and here -> 5 things you wont find me …

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  • Eric Aune1

    5 Things you won't catch me doing on Facebook

    I see it all the time, you probably do too. What I see are business professionals making mistakes for the world to see on Facebook.  Do they know they’re doing it? For someone new to Facebook, these mistakes may seem harmless, so I’m here to …

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