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Category Archive for: ‘Guest Blog’

  • Jm Picx

    Don’t miss the Mechanical Town Hall at Comfortech

    If you haven’t made plans to be at the Comfortech Show (September 9-11) at the Nashville Convention Center, it’s not too late to get your butt down to Nashville. Yes, Nashville! Great restaurants, dining, and BBQ, Nashville was recently rated as the most “American U.S. …

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  • Tobacco

    Smokeless tobacco on the jobsite

    Recently, I had a conversation with a friend who told me that he chewed tobacco while he was sitting at his computer because it gave him something to do. He’s a graphic designer. Hmm. Gives you something to do? Well, I actually can relate, being …

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  • Eric Aune 2

    It’s Getting Hot In Here…

    “Mandate estimated to increase home-buying costs for Minnesota consumers by $10,000 – $20,000 per home” That was the title of a press release that hit my email inbox a couple weeks ago. For those who do not know, I own and operate a small [mostly …

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  • Seal And Insulate Installing Blown Attic Insulation

    Getting the Seal and Insulate Job Done – Hiring a Contractor

    Unless you enjoy working in hot, cramped attics, it’s best to just pour yourself a cool drink and call a contractor to properly seal air leaks and add insulation to your attic during the summer.  Insulation contractors have all the equipment and experience to do …

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  • No Cords

    Cords be damned?

    In my almost twenty years of working in the trades I have owned or used my fair share of power and hand tools. As a kid starting out in this industry the majority of tools on-site were of the manual, human-powered type. Now of course …

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  • Eric Aune 2

    A Feel-Good Story & A Contractor Helping Out

    It seems no matter where you turn negative images and commentary surround us in our daily lives. With wars waging in multiple countries, the ever-present social media posts warning us that all the foods we have in our refrigerator are dead set on killing us, …

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  • Untitled1

    How to Sell Mod-Con Boilers with Roy Collver

    Our recent partnership with heatspring.com has opened up new doors for all of us here at The Hub, including you! Here is a recording of a recent webinar Roy Collver presented covering the selling points of Mod/Con boilers. If you are looking for high level …

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  • Jayegg

    How to ‘Go Geothermal,’ Eliminate a Cooling Tower, Be a Hero, and Make a Buck

    A 100-ton cooling tower uses 14,400 gallons of fresh water per day. That’s a small cooling tower, and that’s a lot of water. A 15,000-ton chiller plant (about the size used to cool a major airport) will use a couple million gallons of fresh water …

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  • Think For Yourself1

    They wont do the thinking for you

    In today’s modern hydronic systems it seems that almost every component has been marketed and designed to save the installing and service contractor time and headaches. From the recently popular “smart pumps” to the ever increasingly complicated built-in boiler control and everything in between, most …

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  • Eric Aune 2

    Make the Pledge

    We all know the advantages afforded to any country when its people are working. It’s simple; when there are high numbers of employment spending and ownership follows. We have finally begun to see a comeback in both the service and new construction industries, residential and …

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