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Category Archive for: ‘Guest Blog’

  • Sahd

    Propane Shortage? It’s in the Logistics

    By late January, at least 24 states had declared an energy emergency, according to NBC News. The propane shortage and accompanying price hike were felt around the country, but the Midwest got hit harder than other places. A crucial supply pipeline that closed last fall, …

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  • Trouble Ahead

    A problem in the classroom

    There seems to be a problem with every training class/program I enroll in or conduct. I see the problem over and over so I know it’s not just something that happened one time or even two. The problem is absence. Absence of those who would …

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  • Allie Hard Hat

    5 Myths About the Skilled Trades BUSTED

    There’s a good deal of smack talk about the trades. I’m here to set the story straight and bust some myths about contractors and skilled trades. “The Skilled Trades are for Dummies.” Actually, the trades require a varied skill set. Tradespeople usually possess a keen …

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  • Markstein Photo

    Economic nuggets: Analyzing the numbers

    Economic Nuggets is a monthly analysis from Bernie Markstein, US Chief Economist for Reed Construction Data. He is a Senior Business Economist with extensive experience analyzing, interpreting and forecasting macroeconomic and regional data. His primary experience in analysis and research in housing and financial markets. …

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  • Korth2

    Solar industry punches back

    The 2012 presidential election had a few common themes, and one of those main themes was Solyndra. The failed company received a half a billion dollars that was lost when they filed for bankruptcy. Solyndra, and the solar industry became a punching bag.  Well, 2013 …

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  • Lets Talk

    The Builder Picks up the Bill, Let’s Talk About It.

    If you haven’t heard of Allison A. Bailes III, PhD founder, owner and president of Energy Vanguard you’re missing out. I personally have never met him but we have communicated online through social networks and his blog [which he updates very regularly with thought provoking …

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  • Screen Shot 2014 02 10 At 12.11.38 PM

    Let’s talk about it…

    First off I’d like to thank each and everyone of you that visits “The Hub”. John and I work very hard to keep information updated daily so that when you visit the site you’ll find something new, something that [hopefully] will help you do your …

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  • Eric Aune 1

    Magnetic Boiler Water

    I was called out to play boiler detective this week at a rental home where the tenants had been complaining of little to no heat for a few days.  This particular client had interviewed me a few months back in search of a new boiler …

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  • Allie Hard Hat

    Falling/rising temps concern for pipes

    Pipes burst when water expands inside the pipe due to freezing temperatures. This usually occurs in less than 20 degrees, but it can happen above that mark as well. In the south, pipes are generally exposed to the outdoor elements, unlike the north where they …

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  • John Mesenbrink

    5 things I learned at AHR NYC

    Getting some time to decompress and recap an event-filled week at AHR, here are some things that I came away with from the show and its surroundings: 1. People who attended that show in particular are a tough bunch of SOBs. When I landed on …

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