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Category Archive for: ‘Guest Blog’

  • FLIR0002

    Review: FLIR C2 Thermal Imaging System

    As with all the tools we test here at The Hub we like to get a few weeks of actual jobsite use under our belt before reporting back to you. About a month ago I started using the FLIR C2 Compact Thermal Imager with MSX …

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  • Mechanical Hub Cor

    Review: Côr Smart Thermostat

    Review: Carrier Côr Thermostat an IoT device As with all the products and tools I review here on The Hub I like to put them to use for a while before posting my experience, good or bad. Early in February I installed a Carrier Côr …

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  • Dain Hansen

    IAPMO’s view from the Hill, and the industry

    Dain Hansen is vice president of Government Relations, The IAPMO Group. He lends his frequent perspective of Capitol Hill, and the plumbing industry. Here is an edited version of his update from March 18, 2016: Congressional Update.   Senators Still Stuck on Flint Funding Fix. …

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  • 32011fa

    IoT? What is it?

    What is the temperature in your living room at this exact moment? Do you have to walk over to the t-stat to answer that question or are you among the growing population of IoT users? IoT [internet of things] is a term that has been …

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  • 944046 717979835005511 3259043509545124567 N

    The new Thermal Imaging

    The next generation of thermal imaging devices are here. Last month at AHR 2016 in Orlando I put my hands on two of the latest thermal imaging devices designed for the trades; both had great feature sets for devices which have been drastically reduced in …

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  • 927.2074.l DXV 3D Faucets On Lavatory Low Res

    Wrap your head around this — 3D-printed faucets

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  • Allie Hard Hat

    The skilled labor shortage v2.0

      Why can’t we figure out a way to all get on the same page and have a good honest constructive communication about the skilled labor shortage in the trades, asks Hub contributor, Allie Perez. In her opinion, it starts with marketing and then, perhaps, …

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  • Jm Picx

    The Flint tragedy: a collective fail

    I recall sitting in an association’s seminar last year listening to the presenter talk about the potential perils of the city of Flint, Michigan’s water system. How, in effect, it was poisoning a community. Yet more than a fair share of PowerPoint slides were memes …

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  • Eric Aune 2

    HVAC, Plumbing IoT is finally happening. Sort of…

    The Hub team just landed yesterday morning off of red-eye flights straight out of Vegas after walking the miles of conventions floor space this week at the combi show KBIS & IBS, or, Construction Week. If you’ve never been to Construction Week you might want …

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  • Jay Peters

    ICC vs IAPMO vs ICC vs IAPMO vs….a Solution?

    This week it was announced that ICC-ES filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia against IAPMO to stop what ICC purports to be an unauthorized use of ICC-ES materials and its knowing infringement of ICC-ES copyrights. IAPMO states …

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