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Category Archive for: ‘Featured Videos’

  • Screen Shot 2017 02 06 At 10.11.13 AM

    Review: Milwaukee CHEATER Pipe Wrench

    Here’s a quick look at the Milwaukee Tool Cheater pipe wrench 48-22-7314. When I first got my hands on the Cheater wrench I was blown away by its simplicity. I thought “Why hadn’t someone thought of this decades ago?!” This wrench had the potential to …

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  • Screen Shot 2017 01 26 At 12.01.28 AM

    Milwaukee M12 Drain Snake

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  • Screen Shot 2016 12 15 At 12.30.50 AM

    M18 Transfer Pump issues?

    We’ve had some problems with the simple hose connection fittings on the new M18 Transfer Pump from Milwaukee. The pump performance is great, no doubt but the odd flattened threads on the hose adapters makes connections a hassle. Since I made this video I have …

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  • Screen Shot 2016 12 15 At 12.15.34 AM

    ProStaff Review: Dewalt DCB1800 Portable Power Station

    The new FLEXVOLT system from Dewalt has opened up a whole new line of tools and possibilities for the pro contractor looking to get more done in less time. We’ve had a few of the FLEXVOLT tools at work in our shop and in the …

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  • Screen Shot 2016 10 29 At 10.41.32 AM

    PEX Press vs. Solder

    Viega PEX press fittings are the ideal choice for joining PEX tubing. Whether you’re currently soldering copper for potable water or using a cold expansion fitting for a complete PEX plumbing system, joining connections with Viega PEX are faster, easier and more reliable. Find out …

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  • Screen Shot 2016 09 23 At 5.44.21 PM

    Review: Custom Tool Box Inserts by Kaizen Foam

    I recently ordered a couple new products introduced to me by a friend in the industry. The Kaizen Foam Inserts are cnc foam inserts available for a variety of tool boxes and tool cases. Check out the instagram videos below to see what they’re all …

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  • Screen Shot 2016 09 02 At 6.40.08 AM

    M12 Upgrade

    Quick update on some new arrivals in the shop this week. @milwaukeetool M12 3.0ah & M12 XC 6.0ah packs. #toolsofthetrade #batterypack #cordless #jobsite #plumbing #hvac #mechanical #hydronics #thehub #nbhd #teamred #m12 A video posted by Mechanical-Hub (@mechanicalhub) on Aug 22, 2016 at 9:52am PDT

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  • Screen Shot 2016 08 09 At 10.48.20 PM

    Tool Review: Milwaukee Tool ‘CHEATER’ Wrench

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  • Screen Shot 2016 07 11 At 5.33.17 PM

    Navien condensing vs. non-condensing tankless water heaters

    Brian Fenske, Specialty Channel Sales Manager, says, “Contractors continue to appreciate Navien’s tankless designs that can be combustion vented easily, offer the highest water heating efficiencies that their customers want, and simplified product offerings. This along with tankless units that are tolerant of some difficult …

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  • DSC 0080

    John Siegenthaler Honors Caleffi’s Bob “Hot Rod” Rohr with Gift

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