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Category Archive for: ‘Featured Articles’

  • XP JeffWall

    Drain cleaning pro relies on Mini-Rooter XP™ drain cleaner for toughest jobs

    “That machine is my friend.  And I go nowhere without my friend!” That’s Jeff Wall on the Mini-Rooter XP, his favorite drain cleaning machine. “I’ve had it everywhere, on rooftops, in basements, in crawl spaces, in yards,” he laughs. “I’ve taken it apart, transported it in sections, …

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  • MOCK 2

    University™ Lab Facility Gets High Marks for VAV Remedy

    Fixing an old problem typically brings a measure of satisfaction. Fixing one that’s not “old,” and has expensively festered from the beginning while also making a nuisance of itself adds new facets to the challenge.  Ultimately, the solution to a university’s vexing HVAC problem has …

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  • DSC 0004

    DeKalb Mechanical Leaders in HVAC innovation & service

    One of the great perks of my job is to get out and meet the people who make this industry move. Recently, I was fortunate to meet with the good folks at DeKalb Mechanical (DM), DeKalb, Ill. I had arrived shortly after lunch, where owner …

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  • Grundfos2 ME

    Parallel variable speed constant pressure pumps answer at non-profit agency

    This story has to do with a lot of people doing the wrong thing at different points in time, and the waste and consequences, and eventual satisfactory resolution to the problem. The story begins back in the late 1960s. A young, first-year engineer was given …

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  • 2013 03 14 15.12.42

    Milwaukee M18 FUEL Drill/Driver Kit #2603-22 Review

    Milwaukee Electric Tool has long been in the business of manufacturing quality power tools for the trade professional, and its persistence in developing tools useful to the professional shines brightly with this drill/driver kit. From the moment I first pulled it out of the case …

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  • Ridgid 2 1

    Roto-Rooter relies on RIDGID® locating and inspection equipment

    Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service has just about seen it all when it comes to plumbing. The company was founded in 1935, two years after the 1933 invention of the original Roto-Rooter sewer cleaning machine. The machine, which revolutionized the process of clearing seriously clogged …

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  • Enduse

    Heating and cooling no longer majority of U.S. home energy use

    For decades, space heating and cooling (space conditioning) accounted for more than half of all residential energy consumption. Estimates from the most recent Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS), collected in 2010 and 2011 and released in 2011 and 2012, show that 48% of energy consumption …

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  • PM2

    Plumbing Museum Celebrates World Plumbing Day

    In conjunction with the World Plumbing Council’s annual World Plumbing Day celebration on March 11, The Plumbing Museum hosted an open house honoring industry professionals who contribute to the health and safety of our world through plumbing and sanitation.  Officially recognized by the U.S. Senate, …

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  • PVC Pipe Manufacturers Not Testing For Combustion Use, Cite Safety Concerns

    A few years ago I was asked to inspect the mechanical systems in some university housing units at a university in the Midwest. The school had hundreds of apartments in numerous buildings that had combination water heater/heating hot water units that provided heating hot water …

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  • Steamboat2

    Snowmelt System Clears Way at Steamboat Springs

      On a late winter afternoon in early 2012, a crowd of 3,000 people gathered at the base of the ski area in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where a “Promenade” had been completed the previous fall. As the sun dropped low and lifts began shutting down, …

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