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Caleffi MINICAL® Automatic Air Vent

PR113 Minical1

Caleffi MINICAL® Automatic Air Vent

Caleffi MinicalThe Caleffi 5021 Series automatic air vents are designed to remove air that accumulates in heating and air conditioning systems without the need for manual intervention.  This enhances the life and performance of the system by reducing the effects of:

– corrosion due to oxygen
– pockets of air trapped in the heating emitters
– cavitation in the circulation pumps

Float type automatic air vents are designed to vent air that is released from the water while being heated.  A check valve on the 5021 Series allows for easy replacement of air vent without purging the system.

Listen in and watch Bob “Hot Rod” Rohr, our training and education manager, explain this versatile air vent in our most watched YouTube video.


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