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Caleffi DISCALDIRT® Air and Dirt Separators Webinar

Caleffi DISCALDIRT® Air and Dirt Separators Webinar

Air and dirt separators are used to continuously remove air and debris contained in hydronic circuits of heating and cooling systems. DISCALDIRT® combination air and dirt devices separate solid impurities and remove air present down to the micro-bubble level. Impurities collect at the bottom of the device and are removed through a ball valve.

Want to learn more about air and dirt separatoration? Check out these opportunities and resources:

Join Bob “Hot Rod” Rohr, National Training Manager, and guest speaker Gary Perry, Caleffi U.K., at this month's Coffee with Caleffi complimentary webinar as they discuss discuss stubborn air and dirt elimination in hydronic systems. Mark your calendar's for Thursday, Nov. 29 and register today.

To register: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/643093961

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