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Bosch Therm and Greentherm tankless

Screen Shot 2014 10 28 At 1.07.37 PM

Bosch Therm and Greentherm tankless

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 1.07.37 PMBosch now offers its Therm and Greentherm tankless water heaters (TWH) in a new color scheme: Bosch White. These formerly silver-gray painted products are now visually consistent with Bosch’s Greenstar boiler and Greensource heat pump residential product lines.

Bosch Therm and Greentherm products with the new white color scheme will be shipped as the former inventory of silver-gray products becomes depleted.

With the new April 16, 2015 DOE National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA) in place for residential gas-fired and electric water heaters, the energy factor efficiency standard rises from .62 to .82 for gas-fired water heaters and remains at .93 for electric tankless water heaters.

Bosch offers gas-fired Therm and Greentherm TWHs that meet or exceed the standard with energy factors ranging from .82 up to .95. All Bosch electric water heaters exceed the standard with energy factors ranging from a low of .99 to a high of 1.0.

As of April 2014, Bosch has also improved its heat exchanger limited warranty to 10 years on Greentherm models C950ES and C1050ES, and Therm model C1210ES when used for controlled recirculation and combination DHW and space heating applications. Please refer to www.boschheatingandcooling.com for complete warranty details.

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