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Bosch HD18-2 Hammer Drill

HD18 2 Hero

Bosch HD18-2 Hammer Drill

HD18-2_Wood Drilling Daredevil Spade BitThe Bosch HD18-2 Hammer Drill offers high torque and high speed to meet the widest range of applications in concrete, masonry, wood and metal. And variable speed translates to greater precision. First gear is for high-torque applications, including maximum diameter drilling; second speed is for high-speed drilling. The dual-mode selector easily converts from hammer drill to rotation-only mode. And an integral slip clutch disengages torque transmission if the bit gets into a bind situation.

Not all contractors have enough concrete drilling requirements to justify the need for a rotary hammer, but all contractors need to do some drilling into masonry, concrete, wood and metal. And that’s where the HD18-2 hammer drill shines. Impact mode allows the tool to be used for drilling into brick and block, and depending on the hole diameter and drilling depth, this setting can be used in some concrete applications. The drilling-only mode allows the tool to be used for drilling into wood and metal.

First gear (or slow speed) makes this an ideal tool for use with hole saws/spade bits in wood, standard bits/metal hole saws in metal and masonry bits/carbide-tipped hole saws in brick/block. First-gear accessory capacities range from 3/4″ for concrete/masonry applications and 1/2″ for metal jobs to 1-9/16″ for wood.

Like any drill, when the tool is in a bind the user is in a bind. A rotating brush plate provides equal power in reverse to easily back out bound-up bits, which means the user and the drill are on to the next job fast.

A metal gear housing provides rugged jobsite durability and an auxiliary handle offers better torque control and can be securely locked into place.

Targeted users for the Bosch HD18-2 Two-Speed Hammer Drill include general contractors, installers, electrical and plumbing trades, and MRO/facilities managers.

To learn more about the Bosch HD18-2 Hammer Drill or to find a local dealer, visit www.boschtools.com or call 877-BOSCH-99. Check out www.bethepro.com for additional tips and videos.

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  1. Hames Stones
    Hames Stones09-06-2017

    Bosch HD18-2 Hammer Drill was absolutely the best. Great powerful battery and drilling system are really made a big difference in performance. I really love this brand and style as well. Keep going

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