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Author Archive for: ‘jaypeters’


    The Plumber Can Save the World…Again…

    In 2006, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) asked over 11,000 of its subscribers to vote on the world’s greatest medical breakthrough since its inception issue in 1840. Imagine the successes in the field of health and safety over the last century and a half. The …

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  • Bear And Baby

    Polar Bears vs. Children?

    “Mr. Celebrity: Are Polar Bears More Important than Children?” Sure, the weather has changed and odd things are happening around the world. Haven’t you seen the sad but serene vision of the polar bear mother with her cub slowly floating out on the chunk of …

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  • AdobeStock 116416994

    Building materials: They comply with code, but are they safe?

    By Jay Peters, Principal Advisor, Codes and Standards International An interesting concept — and most people believe that’s the case — but is it a fact? In reality, the only real test that is effective has proven to be time itself. Many products have been introduced …

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  • Jay Peters

    ICC vs IAPMO vs ICC vs IAPMO vs….a Solution?

    This week it was announced that ICC-ES filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia against IAPMO to stop what ICC purports to be an unauthorized use of ICC-ES materials and its knowing infringement of ICC-ES copyrights. IAPMO states …

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  • Jay Peters

    In the predatory world of codes and standards, are you fast enough to survive?

    One of my all time favorite sayings used to hang on my wall and sparked me into action on those days I was dragging or feeling like I could put something off for another day. Although not exact, and citing from memory, it went something …

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  • Peters

    Plumbing manufacturers must find the water conservation sweet spot

    Anyone who has paid even the slightest bit of attention to current industry trends has heard of dry drains, low-flow problems, and the issues occurring in building drainage systems as well as local sewers due to the lack of water flow. Of course, it is …

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  • You talking scitte to me? I hope so!

    That’s right, I said it. Why? Because if we can’t say it we can’t solve it! Solve what, you ask? The world has a shit-crisis — more than 2.5 billion people do not have access to toilet facilities. That is forty percent of the total …

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  • Jay Peters1

    Codes and Standards: Stifling or Advancing?

    Have you ever noticed how our industry marches on, creating new technology, cutting edge products and new installation techniques regardless of the state of the economy? Whether it’s attributed to creative minds, entrepreneurial spirit or business savvy that inspires the next generation of widget, the …

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  • Jay Peters

    Luck, Lucky, or Just Plain Busy?

    Strange question? It is an interesting one. Many people substitute the meanings of the terms quite often yet they know the difference. I know I have experienced all three during my 30-something years in the HVAC and plumbing industry. Like many others, I played sports …

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