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Author Archive for: ‘ericaune’

  • Screen Shot 2014 08 10 At 8.45.22 AM

    Milwaukee M12 FUEL Hackzall

    Earlier this summer Milwaukee Tool sent us their latest addition to the FUEL lineup of the M12 cordless tools, an all new M12 FUEL Hackzall compact cordless reciprocating saw.  After about two months of having this on the Aune Plumbing truck I’d like to tell …

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  • Eric Aune 2

    A Feel-Good Story & A Contractor Helping Out

    It seems no matter where you turn negative images and commentary surround us in our daily lives. With wars waging in multiple countries, the ever-present social media posts warning us that all the foods we have in our refrigerator are dead set on killing us, …

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  • Untitled1

    How to Sell Mod-Con Boilers with Roy Collver

    Our recent partnership with heatspring.com has opened up new doors for all of us here at The Hub, including you! Here is a recording of a recent webinar Roy Collver presented covering the selling points of Mod/Con boilers. If you are looking for high level …

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  • Think For Yourself1

    They wont do the thinking for you

    In today’s modern hydronic systems it seems that almost every component has been marketed and designed to save the installing and service contractor time and headaches. From the recently popular “smart pumps” to the ever increasingly complicated built-in boiler control and everything in between, most …

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  • Eric Aune 2

    Make the Pledge

    We all know the advantages afforded to any country when its people are working. It’s simple; when there are high numbers of employment spending and ownership follows. We have finally begun to see a comeback in both the service and new construction industries, residential and …

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  • Saopaolofield

    Safe Soccer Courtesy of Radiant Cooling

    Fans form all over the world are witnessing radiant cooling in action and have no idea it’s importance. Imagine living in a place with an annual rainfall of 57 inches or more and the winter high temperatures can hover around the 95 degree Fahrenheit mark. …

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  • Eric Aune 2

    ‘Smart Home Revolution’ What’s That?

    Nest Labs to Start Sharing Data from Thermostat Users with Google Nest Labs is taking the next step in its quest to become a hub for the “smart home”, by opening up to other gadgets and services access its learning thermostat and smoke detector software …

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  • Orbital Flare Primary 735x480 735x480

    hilmor Orbital Flare Tool

    hilmor Orbital Flare Tool Hand tools are the lifeblood of any mechanic. Whether installing HVAC jobs, servicing plumbing or hydronics a solid tool inventory is a must for us contractors. According to their website, hilmor began in 1926 with only a tube bender. In January …

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  • Cash In Hand

    5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Small Business Cash Flow

    Operating your business, paying the bills, bringing in new work and keeping employees happy are everyday labors of love for the small business owners. But admittedly all of these tasks are affected by cash on hand; sometimes there’s plenty of it, and other times…well, there’s …

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  • UConven2014 2Expo 2025 68544 3

    Uponor Connections 2014, All in & Playing Full Out

    Uponor Connections 2014, Bellagio Resort Las Vegas, NV Best Practices in Plumbing, Hydronics, HVAC and Fire Sprinklers were the main focus of Uponor’s eight bi-annual conference held at the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas, NV. This was the first time I have attended the event …

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