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Author Archive for: ‘ericaune’

  • Screen Shot 2018 01 14 At 11.49.04 PM

    Miles & miles of IBS

    John and I are fresh off the plane ride home from a whirlwind of a week down in Orlando where we attended the International Builder’s Show [IBS] and honestly I dont think I’ve put that many miles on a pair of shoes ever. If you …

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  • IMG 8126

    2018 Resolution: PPE is not optional

    I turned 40 in 2017 so it’s official now that half my life I’ve been working as a plumber professionally. In that time I’ve completely wrecked my shoulders, hands and knees. I’m not at all proud of that, it just is the way it is …

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  • IMG 8016

    One-Pipe diverter tee systems

    Hydronics 201: Last night I was called to a local farmstead for a no-heat in all of the bedrooms. Our typical Minnesota winter weather has finally returned so overnight temps are leveling out around -15F or lower so this was a priority call. This particular …

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  • Conxus1

    Remote Access

    Having remote access, control and diagnosis of my client’s boiler and DHW is an absolute game changer. I’ve been installing and using the Lochinvar ConXus system in Knight boilers for a couple years and it’s saved a lot of time and headaches. I get notifications …

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  • Screen Shot 2017 12 17 At 4.09.57 PM

    RIDGID RP241 & Milwaukee M12 Comparison

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  • Screen Shot 2017 12 06 At 3.04.52 PM

    Affordable Infrared?

    Infrared radiation, or simply infrared or IR, is electromagnetic radiation (EMR) with longer wavelengths than those of visible light, and is therefore invisible without specialized imaging devices that can detect and display the electromagnetic radiation. Infrared imagers have long been available to consumers and professionals …

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  • IMG 6642

    First Look: Lochinvar Noble Combi-boiler

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  • Grinder Shot

    Review: Diablo Tools Diamond Cutoff Disc

    Many pro tradesmen and women work with grinders daily, with the advancement in battery tool technology cordless grinders have become a favorite tool for many trades because of the speed and versatility they offer. Small grinders fit into hard to reach areas and offer the …

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  • IMG 6060 2

    First Look: Empire level em78.1

    Here’s a quick look at the Empire Level True Blue magnetic billet torpedo [model# em71.8] I got this from Acme Tools, cost is $19.89. I wanted to try this because I’ve always had a hard time with the standard yellow vial in low light conditions. …

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  • IMG 5770

    Review: ISOtunes PRO Noise Cancelling Ear Buds

    I’ve had the new ISOtunes PRO noise cancelling earbuds for a couple weeks, now I’ve been testing them in the shop at home and also on a handful of job sites. I had been wearing the Plugfones, you might remember my review from earlier this …

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