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American Standard Walk-In Bath

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American Standard Walk-In Bath

Tubs Feature Easy-Open Door and Full Access to Seat for Safer User Wheelchair Transfer; Ideal for Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Providing a safe, dignified, and comfortable way those with limited mobility to enjoy a bath, American Standard now offers a walk-in bathtub with an outward opening door.

These new walk-in tubs feature the exclusive Quick Drain system from American Standard. It uses a powerful pump to drain the tub in approximately two minutes, greatly reducing the time the bather must sit and wait before they can exit the tub. Most other walk-in tubs take up to 10 minutes for water to drain, causing the bather to become chilled waiting for the water to exit the tub.
The outward opening door is available on American Standard soaking tub, airbath, whirlpool, or combo massage models. Other options for customizing the tub include additional components such as an ADA-compliant slide bar with hand shower holder, a comfortable neck rest, an acrylic tub extender for a custom installation and tile flange for a clean look.
These walk-in bathtubs with outward opening doors are constructed of premium cast acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement and are built on a free-standing metal steel support frame for added durability and strength.
For more information on the new outward opening door walk-in tubs, visit www.americanstandard.com or call (800) 442-1902.



1 Comment

  1. Guillermo C. Smith
    Guillermo C. Smith04-27-2017

    my experience wasn’t so bad with this one
    came across this page online
    and somehow they got me sending my info to them then a contractor called and have the whole thing installed …
    The design is great. Very helpful and useful. Well made and just really cool. Very well worth it. Couldn’t live without it now that I have it. Very safe and fits all your needs. Couldn’t ask for anything more. It’s perfect for older people who have a hard time getting in and out of the tub so it would have to be made safe. Ask any question or problem you may have. They really want to help you out. They care about you and will help you if they can and if not they will make sure someone does help you. Very good value. It’s worth the price of a good peace of mind because life is hard enough as you get older so do what you can to help make the best of it.

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