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American Plumbing Heating and Solar Custom Home

20130828 DSC 7586

American Plumbing Heating and Solar Custom Home

Description – American Plumbing Heating and Solar specializes in custom homes and cutting edge technology hydronics systems in the Avon/Vail area of Colorado. This job is a 9,500 square foot residence near Beaver Creek. The system was designed to run three different temperatures. The Lochinvar Knight manages the three separate temperature calls from system and has a different outdoor reset curve for each. 11 zones utilize warmboard floor panels running at a maximum of 95°F. 4 zones are low temp in-slab running at 120°F maximum. They also have two high temp fan coils. This system is a testament to low temperature radiant heating. Warming a house of this size is no easy task above 8,000 feet in elevation, yet a well-sized low temp system is a perfect fit here.

Caleffi TwisTop actuators were used for the zones. When combined with the tekmar mixing valves and the Grundfos delta P pumps, these zones operate quietly under many different flow conditions. The green indicators on the TwisTops also make troubleshooting easy, because with a quick glance you can determine which zones are on and off. The hydro separator keeps the flow conditions in the primary and secondary loops from influencing each other. At any given time three different temperature reset curves and a million different combinations of flow rates to the zones could be in play. The hydro separator acts as an excellent clutch between the boiler and system flow rates.

American PHS takes great pride in a well-designed boiler room. They hide as much of the piping and wiring behind the wall as possible. Alex will custom paint a favorite team logo behind their panels. Mustafa and Alex will interview their customers ahead of time and determine their favorite team and surprise the owners with the logo upon completion of the project.

This job site is just one entry to the Caleffi Excellence Contest and can be seen alongside other entries here.




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