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Affordable Infrared?

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Affordable Infrared?

Infrared radiation, or simply infrared or IR, is electromagnetic radiation (EMR) with longer wavelengths than those of visible light, and is therefore invisible without specialized imaging devices that can detect and display the electromagnetic radiation. Infrared imagers have long been available to consumers and professionals but at no point in history has this technology been so affordable. As a plumbing and heating contractor of over twenty years in the business I highly recommend exploring what is available in the market today.

I have been using infrared imagers on the job for only a handful of years, lately because of the cost I have purchased a couple new devices that make having the technology literally in my pocket a reality. The SEEK CompactPro and Flir One Pro both connect to my iPhone and offer the ability to quickly diagnose problem areas on heat exchangers, piping, pumps and more as simple as plugging the device into my phone and starting an app. Mobole phone imaging deivices range in cost from $250-450 US and have been tested in the field for more than two years now.

Handheld imagers are available from multiple manufacturers such as Fluke, Flir, Milwaukee and more. the latest imagers developed with the skilled trades in mind offer just the right amount of features and resolution needed to get the job done without clogging up the interface with unneeded features in tune with more precise measurements needed in other fields of work. Here is a very brief but to the point video of just one of the many uses I have daily for infrared imagers. I hope this helps.



  1. Rocky Pavey
    Rocky Pavey12-07-2017

    Have been kicking around the idea of obtaining a thermal imager for myself. Does the one you demonstrate in your video have the necessary power/function to image radiant tubing in the slab?

    • Eric Aune
      Eric Aune12-13-2017

      Hi Rocky,

      The Seek unit will show radiant tubing in the slab however more sensitive units like the FLIR E4 or E5 will show tubing with more clarity. I use the seek compact pro and FLIR one (both for my iPhone) regularly to find tubing.

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