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40 Unit Community-based Residential Facility


40 Unit Community-based Residential Facility

Designer: Paul Steiner   Company: Steiner Plumbing, Electric, & Heating Inc.   Location: Ellsworth, WI

Company: We provide commercial and residential plumbing, electric, heating, and renewables around the western WI area. Our family-owned and operated business is based out of River Falls, WI and was founded in 1980 by Paul and Sheila Steiner. We are NABCEP certified in solar thermal and PV. We have installed many renewable energy systems with Caleffi products.

Project: The building is a 40-unit CBRF with a memory care wing on one end. The owners try to provide a very comfortable living environment that surpasses that of what you would likely find in most elderly care facilities. Keeping that in mind we wanted to provide the most comfortable type of heating – radiant floor heat. We have been installing floor heat since the late 1980’s. For this project we ran 40,000 feet of Pex tubing in the floor run by two modulating IBC boilers which also run two indirect water heaters for the domestic hot water. A third IBC boiler is for the fan cabinets to heat and cool the common areas. Code requires a large amount of fresh air for the fan cabinets so we needed to use a higher propylene glycol content to prevent freezing in the coils or piping as our winter temperatures can get down to -30F. Since the domestic hot water and in floor heat do not need to have as high of a propylene glycol content it was most efficient to separate those 2 boilers from the fan cabinet boiler. We used Caleffi Hydro Separators for the 2 boilers. The Caleffi Hydro Separators install very nicely and we find that they work very well with the modulating IBC boilers for in floor heat and domestic hot water. For the other boiler a Caleffi trim kit with back flow was used and works great while looking very professional. We have used almost every air separator on the market and have found the Caleffi to be the best especially at holding up well over time. There are 13 zones for the radiant floor heating based on orientation and use of different areas; this will help provide better comfort and save energy. For the floor heat 26 Caleffi zone valves were used and 3 for the fan cabinets. Over the past 35 years we have used many different zone valves and have found the Caleffi valves to be the best. As a company we strive for giving our customers the best products as possible for the most reasonable price and Caleffi helps make this possible. Our wholesaler JH Larson played a large role in the project, not just providing us with the Caleffi products, but also with the system design. Our master plumber Josh Turner was the main installer on the project and has been with our company for 15 years.

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